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  1. David Taplin

    Wayne, Thank you for your email re your newsletter. As well as your site I have also used and I am a lay preacher in the Gawler Parish in SA. One of our 3 churches is quite dependent on midi files for its music. I have used oremus to check tunes to see if they are known to me and the congregation. My most recent foray was to get music for a pre-Easter study group for which my wife and I put together a “progression” of hymns through the Easter “pilgrimage”. Sadly the volume output of my laptop and speakers was a bit puny but we all enjoyed the singing of familiar songs.
    Thank you for the resource that you have prepared,

  2. Judy Barrow

    Hi Wayne,
    Thanks so much for the my MyMidi site, it is a great help at our small church at Wyndham Community church in Victoria, Australia.
    May God bless you and all that you do to aid others in worshiping our Lord and Saviour.

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