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MyMIDI Worship Resources Ltd and our partners

MyMIDI Worship Resources

MyMIDI Worship Resources Ltd is a serious not-for-profit attempt to provide quality digital worship music resources to churches that lack musicians.

  1. We are the sole writers and providers of MyMIDI Player, a Windows based MIDI and audio file player that raises the bar in computer generated music.
  2. We aim to provide music files in full compliance with copyright law.  We apologise where limitations exist because of the uncooperative nature of international copyright law.  We sell our music files for the lowest price that we can reasonably manage, because we are trying to provide a service, not earn a living.
  3. We are providing a home for Clyde McLennan’s Small Church Music MP3 collection of copyright songs.
  4. We have our own collection of worship MIDI files, integrated into MyMIDI Player.
  5. We are the authors of the MyMIDI tool available on worship-downloads.com, which allows users of that site to customise W-D MIDI files to suit their needs.

Wayne McHugh

Rev Wayne McHugh is a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church in Australia.  Ordained in 2006, Wayne serves as minister to Northside Mackay and Seaforth Uniting Church.

Wayne has played guitar to lead worship singing since 17 years of age, and was a professional programmer for 17 years before training for the ministry.

Wayne combines his love for God, church, music and programming in the MyMIDI Worship Resources project, aimed at breathing new life into computer generated music for Christian worship.  Wayne is author of this website, MyMIDI Player, the MyMIDI tool on worship-downloads.com, and is Managing Director of MyMIDI Worship Resources Ltd.

Rev Clyde McLennan

Rev Clyde McLennan is the long time creator and sustainer of the Small Church Music website.  Clyde has contributed generously towards the creation of this website’s MIDI store, and most recently we are providing Clyde’s collection of copyright MP3 worship backing files.

Clyde is a retired Baptist pastor, and retired IT pro. Clyde has said many times that his music is not his own but God’s, and as such he has never made money from his music.

We proudly consider Clyde a contributing partner and friend in the MyMIDI Worship Resources project.

Dr Geoff Madden

Dr Geoffrey Madden is a GP, parish musician, and creator of worship backing tracks. By his own admission, Geoff is a very basic musician trying to help others with limited musical resources. Geoff has been creating worship backing tracks for nearly twenty years, and lives in Daisy Hill, Australia.


Special acknowledgment to …

Dave & Debbie Moore at worship-downloads.com for their fabulous collection for MIDI files and other music resources and their willingness to use their talents for our benefit.

Ian Luck at un4seen.com for his fabulous (and free) audio and MIDI development library BASS and BASSMIDI, and for all the help he gave during the development of MyMIDI Player.

Frank Wen for his excellent (and free) Fluid Soundfont.

The ThingM team at blink1.thingm.com for their creativity in producing their programmable USB LED that does such a good job for us.

Ian Luck’s BASS library and Frank Wen’s Fluid Soundfont are two of the key tools that have allowed MyMIDI Player to remain completely free for all churches around the world.