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The latest version of MyMIDI Player, version 2.4.1, released 8 March 2018, is available for download from this page.

This page contains: MyMIDI Player installation, sfark decompression utility and guitar soundfont.

MyMIDI Player Installation

Download the standard MyMIDI Player installation/upgrade from the following address:
(Download size: 140M.

This will download the installer for MyMIDI Player version 2.4.3.

For the download, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the msi file from the above link.
  2. Run the msi file you downloaded, clicking “Next” for all options (will install MyMIDI Player).
  3. Done.

Note: This download is both an installation package (for new users) and an upgrade package (for existing users).  As always, a backup should be made of any existing installation before upgrading. To do this, backup the “documents/MyMIDI Player” folder.

Guitar Soundfont

Regardless of what soundfont you end up using, MIDI always ends up struggling to produce a good guitar sound. The best free guitar sounds we’ve found are provided by this soundfont.

  1. Download the DOWNLOAD FROM HERE (3.6M zip file. The download is on Google Drive – just follow the links).
  2. Unzip into the documents\MyMIDIPlayer folder.
  3. Configure MyMIDI Player to use GuitarsOnly.sf2 before any other sound font (so you will get these guitar sounds).

Note: This soundfont is included in the installation of MyMIDI Player. It is supplied here only in case you need it for some other purpose.

Soundfont Decompressor


Soundfont files (.sf2 extension) are usually quite large and they don’t compress very well with the more common zip compression.  A special compressor was written years ago by the owners of called sfArk which does more effective compression on soundfont files.

MelodyMachine is no more, but their compressor/decompressor lives on.  If you download a soundfont and it has an extension of sfark, use this utility to uncompress it back to sf2.


We have standardised on the free FluidR3 soundfont.  It will serve the purpose of providing quality sounds for church worship. If you need to download it yourself, you can do so from this page.  If you use the dropbox download or use an installation CD, the font is included in the install.

If the FluidR3 soundfont proves inadequate for your needs, we highly recommend the upper end of the Merlin range of General MIDI Soundfonts for their quality.

While I cannot hand you their soundfonts directly, I can direct you to the place where you get them – is the page that lists all of the Merlin (full bank) soundfonts.  Free ones you may download (but FluidR3 is better).  Ones that have a price on them require you to setup some credit on the site before you can download.

If you want the best, arrange credit and download the Merlin Symphony soundfont.  It will cost you US$50.

When you download a soundfont it is usually in a .sfark file.  If so, uncompress using the sfark tool – see the previous download on this page.

Once you have uncompressed the sf2 file, copy it to your documents\MyMIDIPlayer folder either as default.sf2 (which will be used automatically) or as it’s usual name and add the new soundfont on the configuration page of MyMIDI Player.

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