We no longer recommend Doodly as a cost-effective Christian video solution. It has been bought by another company and is only available on subscription for way too much money each month.
If you already have Doodly but do not yet have our “Doodly for Churches” images, then we can still supply them to you.
We ask 20AUD for the Doodly for Churches images, and you can make that payment here.
You will then need to contact us to arrange sharing of the Christian images.

Up until May 2023, MyMIDI Worship Resources has been an affiliate for the Doodly software. We were privileged to continue offering the app for a very affordable one-time purchase price, and supply our large library of Christian images with it.

As of May 2023 that price offer has been removed. Doodly is now offered as a tool inside a subscription-only marketing package, placing it out of reach of those people we try to assist. Therefore we no longer offer or recommend Doodly.

We continue our commitment to look for tools and resources that can help in the Christian/Church space, and promise that we will only ever promote tools and resources that we see as being quality and good value.