The above link will take you to the purchase process at the single lifetime payment discounted price.
If you abort the purchase process and restart later, you need to use this link again.
Would you like to be able to create engaging Christian videos to use at church?  Something to make the kids’ eyes pop and wonder what you’re going to do next?  Doodly makes great animated drawing videos.

Our “Doodly for Churches” images make all the difference, with hundreds of images setup for Doodly, ready to use.

Watch and read below, and email me at if you want to discuss.

What do you get if you buy Doodly? What versions are there, and what do they cost? What versions of Doodly come with the Christian images?

Why buy Doodly? Why buy Doodly here, with this Doodly for Churches offer? Why have I gotten involved in this project?

Doodly for Churches makes Christian video production possible for the average person.  When has that ever been possible?

We intend to keep growing Doodly for Churches, to help communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Video production software of this style always has a recurring price of hundreds of $ per year.

This Doodly offer is a heavily discounted, single lifetime payment as detailed below. You get all updates at no further cost.

I give you my personal undertaking that I will do my very best to help you learn to use Doodly, should you need such help. Doodly has tutorial videos, I have created more, I have created a “Doodly for Churches” Facebook group, and I am willing to do more if necessary, to help you get to know how to use Doodly and “Doodly for Churches” images. I can only help in the English language. Doodly has a 30 days refund period, so if it doesn’t work out, you lose nothing.

A look at the types of images incuded in the Doodly for Churches image add-on.

This is a very short introduction to Doodly, created using only Doodly.

So what does Doodly cost if I buy it here?

Doodly is available here for a heavily discounted, one-time payment price.  There are only a couple of affiliates still able to offer this, and I am one of them.  But there are versions and add-ons within Doodly that you need to know about:

  • STANDARD DOODLY will cost you US$67.  Standard Doodly contains hundreds of outline images, rights to use your videos commercially and full functionality of the product. You will get the full Doodly for Churches collection at no further cost if you purchase Standard Doodly here.
  • ENTERPRISE DOODLY will cost you a further US$97.  Enterprise Doodly has thousands of outline images being added to constantly.  These do not include niche market images (there is a marketplace for niche markets coming soon), but the images are wide ranging.  Again, you have commercial rights with the videos you produce.  Again, if you buy Enterprise Doodly from here, you will get the whole Doodly for Churches collection at no further cost.
  • RAINBOW DOODLY will cost you a further US$67. Rainbow Doodly adds color images to whichever version of Doodly you have. If you have standard Doodly, then Rainbow gives you color versions of your hundreds of images.  If you have Enterprise Doodly, then Rainbow gives you thousands of color images.

For this kind of software, and for a single lifetime price, these are great prices.

So what does Doodly for Churches give me?

At the time of writing, Doodly for Churches will give you an additional 900+ images. This count includes all the b&w outline, color and chalkboard images that I have prepared. At present most of these images are biblical characters, objects, or scenes. I have begun adding more contemporary church and faith related images.

This is the real reason I’m here – making Doodly work as a Christian video production tool.

Utilising the work of artists who give permission, currently Ian Coate and Masaru Horie, I have spent over 1,000 hours tracing drawing and coloring paths for Christian images in Doodly.  Using the Doodly share feature, I then share this collection with other Doodly users.  Then you’re free to include these Christian images in your videos, just as you would other stock Doodly images.

Everyone who receives my images also receives all additions when released.  I can’t do better than that.

See all of the currently released Doodly for Churches images from artist Ian Coate.

We also now have just over 150 images from Artist Masaru Horie, and more of these are being added.

Important Information About the Doodly Purchase Process

This is important, because it is easy to get confused or upset at the high-power up-sell marketing technique used for Doodly.  And to buy Doodly you have to go through that process.

The above link will take you to the purchase process at the single lifetime payment discounted price.

When you click on my purchase link (to the right), it will take you to the Doodly discount sales page. You will first be offered Doodly standard edition for US$67. After you complete that purchase, you will be offered several optional up-sells. The two most important of offers are the upgrade to Doodly Enterprise for a further US$97, and Doodly Rainbow for a further US$67.  The versions were explained above.

But to be clear, Standard Doodly will cost you US$67.  If you upgrade to Enterprise Doodly, the total will be US$164.  If you also add Doodly Rainbow, the total would go to US$231.  The upgrades are optional, but I do recommend them.  You get all upgrades with this one-time price, and these days a deal like that is getting hard to find.  Normally you face recurring costs, annually or monthly, or upgrade costs for new versions.

Doodly for Churches is available to you free if you buy from here, regardless of what version you buy.

The Doodly for Churches image library does not come with Doodly. After purchasing Doodly from this page, “contact me” through this website or send me a message from the “Doodly for Churches” page on Facebook – and tell me you have bought Doodly through me. Then I can share the Christian image extension with you.  It really is that simple.

What if I’ve Already Bought Doodly Elsewhere?

If you’ve bought Doodly elsewhere, contact me anyway. We only charge a small fee for Doodly for Churches, to people who bought Doodly elsewhere – currently AU$20.

This is Christians working for Christians, making Doodly even better for church use. We won’t be denying anyone access because they didn’t buy Doodly here.

This is a recent video I created to demonstrate the way that Doodly will color in your Doodly for Churches images. In this video the text fades in, which is done outside of Doodly (I can teach you the method). Doodly writes text in the same way that it draws images, as simulated handwriting.

This is a Doodly Video I created last Easter incorporating images for Christmas, Easter and others, all from the Doodly for Churches collection. The fade and flood color effects are done outside of Doodly but I can teach you that technique. Doodly for Churches comes with color versions of almost all images.

For other examples, see my YouTube channel. Note that not everything in my YouTube channel is about Doodly.