Happy New Year

God's blessings for 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.  I pray God’s blessing for you in 2015, whatever that year may bring.

For the MyMIDI world, the main parts of the next phase are becoming clear.

I have become increasingly aware …

  • that lots of small churches don’t have people who know how to search out music files that they require;
  • there are lots of countries where large downloads are not practical except on rare occasions;
  • discussions of copyright issues, buying copyright credits, are not understood by many people;
  • buying stuff online from lots of sources is something lots of people do not like doing.

Of course there are lots of small churches that don’t have any of those issues, and there are other complicating issues besides.

However, I am always looking out for other sources of quality, legal worship MIDI files.  My two primary sources to date are worship-downloads.com (Dave and Debbie Moore) and Small Church Music (Clyde McLennan).

Dave and Debbie’s MIDI collection is now in the MyMIDI Player library, and you can view those you have, or the whole collection.

Clyde’s public domain collection is the next phase of this project.

(1) The best of Clyde’s music is presented in Band in a Box format, which is very nice, but also something most of you will not buy.  It is a massive collection of (mostly) hymns, and I am converting the best known of them into the best MIDI files I can, after which (with Clyde’s blessing and encouragement) they will be freely supplied with MyMIDI Player.  The musical quality is below that of Dave & Debbie’s collection, but it will plug many of the hymn gaps in their collection, and you will find it quite usable.

(2) Once the MIDI files themselves are done, I will then be creating a MyMIDI facility on this website to allow you to customise the MIDI files to suit your needs.  It will be a bit different to MyMIDI on worship-downloads.com in that you will have to possess the MIDI file first, and if your MIDI files is known to MyMIDI, you will then be able to customise it.

(3) Once the MyMIDI facility exists on this website (ie the process is in place), I will then go through Clyde’s collection and do the necessary setup for customising each MIDI file. This phase will be progressively available as each MIDI file is configured for customising.

All up I expect this to take a good part of 2015 (it is all very much part-time as I am a full-time minister in the Uniting Church in Australia.

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  1. clbchayes

    Greetings from Coldharbour lane baptist church in Hayes England! I have recently downloaded the mymidiplayer, and getting famlar with it. I will be giving a demo to our worship team soon! Thank you for this wonderful resource which can really help small churches (like ours) . Hopefully we can start using it, as we like many other churches dont have inhouse live musicians, and want to move away from using CD backing tracks!

  2. rsvk

    Greetings from St. John the Beloved in San Diego, California, USA. We are a small independent Catholic community. I am one of two cantors/song leaders, and we often do not have instrumental musicians. I have been using Noteworthy to create and modify songs and sometimes import and export from and to midi. We are looking forward to what we can do with MyMidi. Happy Ninth Day of Christmas and Epiphany coming up!

    –Steve van Keuren

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