MIDI Store Opened

legal - low cost - optimised for MyMIDI Player

MIDI Store Opened

After a period of our MIDI and MP3 stores being closed, we are pleased to announce they will soon be open again.  They will, however, be restricted to Australia until we can enter individual agreements for worldwide distribution.

Low Cost

Each MIDI file in our store will cost you only AU$0.50 (50c). This price is only to cover the copyright fee, transaction costs and enough to ensure we don’t make a loss. The purpose of this store is not to make money, but to fill a gap as cheaply as possible for you.

Any profit that this store makes goes towards funding a country youth and young adult camp in Queensland, Australia. The makers of this site and the MIDI files in the store do not receive anything from your purchases (this is their choice).

Filling the Gap

If you want the best quality MIDI files, head to worship-downloads.com. Why? Because their MIDI file quality is vastly superior to ours and any others we can find. Our arrangements are much more pedestrian, but more than adequate in most church settings.

MIDI files purchased from our store and from worship-downloads.com are known in the MyMIDI Player library, making them easy to search, select and play.  There is also a basic edit feature in MyMIDI Player which will allow you to change the number of verses wherever sensible. MyMIDI Player and the MyMIDI tools (on worship-downloads.com) are the only digital music resources in the world that offer this edit feature, which is why we consider our two stores to be complementary.


The MIDI files you buy here are as good as we can make them, using the tools within our reach and the skills we possess. They will be more than adequate for most church environments.  We may, at any time, improve any of the MIDI files in this store, though such upgrades are not planned.

Integration with MyMIDI Player

Each MIDI file has been optimised for use in MyMIDI Player. You can import your purchases into the MyMIDI Player library, and the MyMIDI Player edit feature works on every MIDI file where it makes sense.  We suggest you keep any purchased MIDI files (from here or worship-downloads.com) in a single folder structure for the MyMIDI Player library import option.


Churches are becoming increasingly aware that they must obey copyright law, and sourcing good quality legal digital music can be difficult.  Our MIDI Store is legal, under a digital download license from APRA/AMCOS in Australia for Australia. As we are able we will be entering into agreements that will allow files to be sold worldwide, but this will be progressive and take time. Files you buy from us can be played in the church for which you buy them. You cannot pass them around to other churches.

Please note you still need to follow the copyright procedures in your country in relation to projecting words, copying music, etc.

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  1. Brenda Stoppel

    I have successfully downloaded the wonderful hymns and praises you have provided. I play for a very small church of about 20 in attendance weekly. Thank you for your service to the Lord, Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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