MyMIDI Player 1.1.6 Released

just in time for Christmas

MyMIDI Player 1.1.6 Released

Just before Christmas 2014, a few days ahead of schedule, version 1.1.6 of MyMIDI Player is released to an unsuspecting world.

The best thing about this Christmas present, of course, is that it is free. No blown budgets here!

Version 1.1.6 has a couple of significant improvements, which are:

  • there is now a simple library module built in, and
  • a new internal update process has been created.

The MyMIDI Player Library

A new page has been added which lists all of the “known” MIDI worship files in the MyMIDI Player library.  At present this is a (close to) complete list of all the MIDI files available from worship-downloads.com.  You may think this is some kind of advertising, but really it is not – we had to start somewhere, and this where MyMIDI runs, and this is the first collection we have access to in order to do this.

Any item “held” in the library can be easily added straight to the playlist, without looking outside of MyMIDI Player.

The library lists quite a few useful things:

  • song name, author(s), style (organ, orchestra, band, piano) and tune (for hymns)
  • whether or not each song is held in your collection
  • mark song as favourite, ignore (if you don’t know it or you know you won’t use it)
  • selectors for stye, hymn/song, children only, favourite only, Christmas only
  • view / not view songs marked to be ignored
  • view / not view songs not held in your library
  • easily scan your existing MIDI files and import matching files into the library

The library will be expanded in the future, but this is its initial release.

New Internal Update

The update option on the configuration page has been rewritten to invoke a full install/update process.  This is a big step up from the awkward process we tried first.

It will be necessary to download the 1.1.6 update from this website (download page) in order to put this update process in place. It should be the last time you need to do that, though who can read the future.

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