MyMIDI Player 1.1.7 Released

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MyMIDI Player 1.1.7 Released

Version 1.1.7 of MyMIDI Player is out ahead of schedule, which was expected to be around the end of January.

*** Download MyMIDI Player v1.1.7 from the All Downloads page ***

A special welcome to some of Clyde McLennan’s music, available from his Small Church Music website.

Clyde has generously made his public domain collection of Band-in-a-Box songs available to us free of charge, just as they are on his website.

However, MyMIDI Player works with MIDI files, so we have done the best conversion we can, and initially 246 of his files are included in this release of MyMIDI Player – straight from the installation.

v1.1.7 of MyMIDI Player includes:

  • 246 of Clyde’s public domain songs in MIDI format
  • all of those 246 songs catalogued in the MyMIDI Player library
  • Improvement in the presentation of song names in the playlist and the currently selected song.

If you install v1.1.7 and want a public domain hymn that is not in the MyMIDI Player library, ask us.  We have only converted 246 of the most popular hymns and tunes as we know them; there are lots more in Clyde’s collection that we can convert and include.

We hope you will find many very useful songs (mostly hymns) among these newly included MIDI files.

*** Download MyMIDI Player v1.1.7 from the All Downloads page ***


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