MyMIDI Player 2.3.4 Released

More Public Domain Hymns

MyMIDI Player 2.3.4 Released

My apology for not reporting releases between v2.2 and now.  Most changes have been for development purposes, with no significant changes for users.

MyMIDI Player 2.3.4 has 19 additional public domain hymns.  Some of these are tunes that were already available, but are now searchable under extra titles and with the “correct” number of verses for these songs.

In reality it is the tunes that are public domain, not necessarily the song.  Where a new set of lyrics are written for a tune in the public domain, the tune remains in the public domain even when used with the new lyrics.

So for your copyright reporting printing or projecting lyrics: just because the tune is public domain don’t assume the lyrics are public domain.  Check, and get it right.

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