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MyMIDI Player v2.0 Released

The game changing edit option is now a reality, making digital music flexible right in the playlist!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of V2.0 of MyMIDI Player for Christian Churches. Available free from the download page.

The game-changing edit option is now a reality!  With many songs in the MyMIDI Player library you can now choose to change the number of verses (or whatever is most appropriate for the song) in the playlist.

It is as simple as edit – change the number – Ok – ready to play.

MyMIDI Player 2.0 has the following new features:

  1. The brand new edit facility.
  2. Search and filter options in the library.
  3. General improvements that you will probably never notice.

… building on other great features:

  1. A built-in library of MIDI files available from
  2. 250 MIDI files of public domain hymns and songs, supplied at no cost with MyMIDI Player. These are of average quality compared to those available through
  3. Ability to adjust tempo, key, instruments and instrument levels.
  4. Playlist automatically saves when you exit (now including any edits you’ve made to the number of verses in any songs)
  5. Ability to indicate favourites or files to ignore in the library.

For worship music in churches, MyMIDI Player is certainly raising the bar.

Latest news: In the original release of v2.0 there was an installation problem. After the update, most times you run MyMID Player you would get the message “Please wait while Windows configures MyMIDI Player”. This problem is now resolved and the downloads on the download page should all install correctly. If you have already downloaded and installed v2.0, please do so again (with my apology).

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