MyMIDI Player v2.2 Released

MIDI Store Aware

MyMIDI Player v2.2 Released

MyMIDI Player V2.2 has been released.  Download from the All Downloads page.

The only significant change in this subversion release is the awareness of our new MIDI Store. If you buy any MIDI files from our store, and you use MyMIDI Player, you need to upgrade to v2.2.

If you purchase MIDI files from our MIDI Store or, you should keep them in a folder so they can be easily imported into the MyMIDI Player Library.

The MyMIDI Player Library is aware of all files purchased from our MIDI Store (from v2.2), and all MIDI files purchased from (since the library was introduced). It is also aware of the Public Domain collection supplied with MyMIDI Player (no import is required).

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  1. Judy Johnson

    Our church recently had the need to find and alternative music source and thought we found the ideal in Worship-Downloads since the midis could be altered. However both mine and the church’s computers have a problem storing the altered music. We have windows 8. Jazz-plugin seems not to be compatible with Windows. We keep getting the pop up saying “windows media player encountered a problem while downloading the file.” Or “windows media player can’t find the file.” Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I downloaded your mini player eventhough my computer thought it to be harmful. But I don’t think it will help the situation of no church accompaniment.

    1. Hi Judy. Windows 8 has indeed made the Jazz Plugin not work, but that is only in the MyMIDI preview while customizing on the site. It won’t stop you from creating and downloading the customized MIDI file. When you are downloading the customized MIDI file from, Windows Media Player shouldn’t come into it. Are you perhaps clicking “Open” rather than “Save” in your browser, to download the file. You need to choose “Save”, and then have a folder where you store all the MIDI files you download.

      Windows does object to “MyMIDI Player” because it is not digitally signed. It is quite difficult for an independent person to get a program digitally signed (no company name under which to apply), but it is perfectly safe to install and use on Windows 8. When you have downloaded your purchases from, MyMIDI Player will allow you to import them into its library for easier searching and use.

  2. bill southern

    how do you transfer the songs in the MP play list into the library? by the way Wayne I have finished downloading all the hymns for our two hymn books. only one draw-back the congregation must sing to the piano pace rather than the normal of the pianist playing to the pace of the congregation.ive slowed the music to help them to keep in tune, otherwise they say the music is a hugh improvement and I am sending you their grateful thanks for your excellent web site. May the Lord bless you and all His loved ones doing His work throughout Australia. regards bill

    1. Hi Bill. Thanks for passing on their thanks. You have identified one of the primary drawbacks of audio recordings of music, and the reason all my work has been with MIDI files – flexibility. MP3 files are fixed & modifications like tempo are difficult & problematic. Sadly the MyMIDI Player library is all MIDI & you can’t add to it, but I’ll give that some thought. I’ll get back to you in coming days with developing thoughts. Blessings to all your people 🙂

  3. bill southern

    Wayne- don’t spend too much time on the problem-I thought if you got your hymns into the library,it must be something im not doing right to get mine in, and there was a simple answer as to where I was going wrong. I don’t mind buying a system like yours that will enable me to alter and save individual hymns like yours does from the library . If you know of such a system perhaps you could let me know. thanks bill

    1. bill southern

      I trust you are keeping well Wayne – the music down loaded from your web site for our two hymn books is now on a usb stick and one or two friends have asked for copies which I am willing to give them without charge ; but thought I should get your permission seeing that you allowed me to down load them from your web site virtually free of charge. well over a thousand of the hymns have been modified and stored in the library provided in the software purchased from ” song surgeon version 4 professional ” ($79 us dollar); the modified hymns on the stick can’t be played without this software . there are over 3000 hymns on the stick -the full Christian worship hymnal , plus 75% of mission praise hymn book, plus the list of 383 videos provided by “the small church music” web site. if you would like a copy of the hymns plus their indexes ; then please let me have the address to which I can send them . I would need to speak to you over the phone to explain one or two things, you would need to know ,if you decided the hymns might be of some use to anyone using your medi worship web site .
      kind regards bill

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