MyMIDI Player V4 and Soundfont Videos

MyMIDI Player remains an exciting development for small churches, bringing quality worship music and flexibility into everyone’s hands. I remain committed to keeping MyMIDI Player free, but for the first time since 2011 there is an opportunity to upgrade your instruments to a more professional standard. This costs money, but is entirely optional. Read more.
The videos on this page are here to help you understand the V4.0 release of MyMIDI Worship Resources, and the brand new option to upgrade the quality of your instruments when playing MIDI files. The videos are best watched in order, because some things are explained, and assumed to be understood in later videos.  Download the latest version of MyMIDI Player here.
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MyMIDI Player - Introduction
Duration: 6:09
MyMIDI Player - Introduction to v4 and better instrument sounds
Duration: 6:15
MyMIDI Player - Upgrading your soundfonts
Duration: 7:51
MyMIDI Player - Installing the soundfont Upgrades
Duration: 5:19
MyMIDI Player - Especially for Organs
Duration: 12:25
MyMIDI Player - Listen to the Soundfonts
Duration: 8:51