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Money received will all be channelled into local Christian mission projects.  That is the return for all the hours going into this project.

If you want to pay more than AU$20, Select from the amount dropdown. Donations are gratefully accepted.

When people buy Doody through us, the commission we earn “pays” for the Doodly for Churches image collection. When people buy Doodly elsewhere then request the Doodly for Churches images, we ask for AU$20.

This income serves two purposes:

  1. It keeps my local church happy that the enormous amount of time spent on this project has some local benefit, and is therefore an acceptable use of my time.
  2. The money that comes in all goes into grants for local mission projects.  So the product itself helps spread the gospel, and so does the money that it earns.

If anyone wants to give us more than AU$20 we certainly will not refuse. We are trying to fund a youth and young adult camp at about $12,000 per year, and equip our Presbytery for streaming and conferencingto reduce the isolation of our enormous distances.

As you pay for Doodly for Churches, know that is is worth much more than AU$20, and your contribution is also helping spread the gospel. Thank you and blessings – Wayne.