Blink(1) mk2 USB LED (light)

flash a light to the beat of the song

Blink(1) mk2 Details

Currently in stock: 16 (Australia only)

MyMIDI Player was written to play MIDI files, flashing a light to the beat of the song. If you want that option, you need to acquire one of these little beauties.

In Australia you can order one of these from us for AU$45 (including postage). In other countries, check for a distributor, or order from the manufacturer – ThingM.

To order from us (Australia only), contact us and quote Blink(1) mk2 USB LED.

MyMIDI Player allows you to choose

  • the colour to flash on the first beat in each bar,
  • the colour to flash on the middle beat in each bar (not in 3/4 time), and
  • the colour to flash on all other beats in each bar.

Any of these you don’t want, you can set to black. Any that you want toned down in brightness, set a darker version of the selected colour.