MyMIDI - full customizing of MIDI files

MyMIDI – industry first customizing of MIDI files!

MyMIDI was developed in cooperation with worship-downloads.com.  We both wanted churches to be able to customize MIDI files for their needs, but the ability to do so did not exist.

Therefore we wrote the MyMIDI module, and they supplied the most excellent collection of worship MIDI files available.

Now it is possible to rearrange the elements of a song to suit your needs – more or fewer verses, choruses, bridge repeats, etc.  Along with the ability to change tempo, key and instruments, no more is digital music inflexible.

The MyMIDI module is free, but normal purchase of the MIDI files on worship-downloads.com themselves is required.

Do not confuse the MyMIDI tool with this website, or with MyMIDI Player.  At some time in the future we hope to implement the MyMIDI tool on this website for MIDI files purchased here, but at present that does not exist.