MyMIDI Player

The MIDI Player for Churches

Downloading MyMIDI Player

Download the MyMIDI Player v4.04 installer from here.

Installing MyMIDI Player

Run the installer you just downloaded. By default it is most likely in your downloads folder.

    • Windows may tell you that the installation is unsafe. Ask for more information, and then install anyway.
    • Windows will probably tell you that this is not from the Windows App Library. Choose to install anyway.
    • You should eventually get to the actual installation. Leave all the defaults, and step through the installation process.
    • Once installed, you should now have an option for MyMIDI Player on your start menu.

About MyMIDI Player …

MyMIDI Player is a Windows MIDI Player designed specifically for use in churches.

It contains an unique collection of features, including one available nowhere else. Features include:

  • A built-in library of worship MIDI files;
    • 250 files for public domain songs supplied
    • many files for copyright songs known, but not supplied
  • Ability to change the tempo and key of any song (MIDI files only);
  • Ability to change any of the instruments, or mute any channels not wanted (MIDI files only);
  • Playlist of songs which is automatically saved when you exit (including any edits you have made);
  • Memory of changes made to a song, for next time you use it;
  • Ability to change the number of verses (or repeats) in a song.  This feature is unique in the world as far as we know, and is available on most MIDI files listed in the in-built library;
  • Ability to play most audio files;
  • Completely free to anyone, anywhere (you still need to acquire any MIDI files not supplied);

If you make use of MyMIDI Player please consider registering on this site and subscribing to the newsletter so we can stay in touch.  We love to know where MyMIDI Player is being used, and we’d like to keep you informed about updates and innovations.