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Recently Added to the Worldwide Store

We add titles to the worldwide MIDI and MP3 stores as we are able to establish worldwide distribution agreements with copyright owners or their administrators.

On 21 April 2017, we signed a special agreement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd. on behalf of Lorenz Corporation and Oxford University Press. The following titles were added to the worldwide store:

Christ is made the sure foundation (EDEN CHURCH) Words: John M Neale, Music: Dale Wood
God Is Moving By His Spirit Words & Music: Mrs. L. C. Hall
Lord Be Glorified Words & Music: Bob Kilpatrick
Not alone for mighty empire (GENEVA) Music: George H Day, Emma Lou Diemer
Put forth, O God, Thy Spirit’s Might (CHELSEA SQUARE) Words & Music: Howard C Robbins
Reach out and touch the Lord Words & Music: Bill Harmon
Standing on the promises (TURLOCK) Words: Russell K Carter, Music: Norman E Johnson
They’ll Know We Are Christians Words & Music: Peter Scholtes
As a chalice cast of gold (INWARD LIGHT) Words: Thomas H Troeger, Music: Carol Doran.
O Praise The Gracious Power (CHRISTPRAISE RAY) Words: Thomas H Troeger, Music: Carol Doran.
Silence Frenzied Unclean Spirit (AUTHORITY) Words: Thomas H Troeger, Music: Carol Doran.
Through our fragmentary prayers (WORDLESS) Words: Thomas H Troeger, Music: Carol Doran.
What king would wade through murky streams? (BAPTISM) Words: Thomas H Troeger, Music: Carol Doran.
Sing to Him in whom creation / Praise the spirit in creation (FINNIAN) Words: Michael Hewlett, Music: Christopher Dearnley.
I want to thank you Words & Music: Colin Waller.
This day God gives me strength (ADDINGTON) Words: St Patrick para. James Quinn, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
Christ upon the mountain peak (MOWSLEY) Words: Brian A Wren, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
Glorious things of Thee are spoken (ABBOT’S LEIGH) Words: John Newton, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
God Is Love, Let Heaven Adore Him (ABBOT’S LEIGH) Words: Timothy Rees, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
Lord we are blind; the world of sight (GODMANSTONE) Words: David O Edge, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
We turn to you O God of every nation (HARDING) Words: Fred Kaan, Music: Cyril V Taylor.
For the beauty of the earth (LUCERNA LAUDONIAE) Words: Folliott S Pierpoint, Music: David Evans.
God of Mercy (LUCERNA LAUDONIAE) Words: Henry F Lyte, Music: David Evans.
Great God, Your love (ABINGDON) Words: Brian A Wren, Music: Erik R Routley.
In praise of God meet duty and delight (CLIFF TOWN) Music: Erik R Routley.
What Does The Lord Require (SHARPTHORNE) Words: Albert F Bayly, Music: Erik R Routley.
Glory love and praise and honour (BENIFOLD) Words: Charles Wesley, Music: Francis B Westbrook.
I come with Joy (a child of God) (ST BOTOLPH) Words: Brian A Wren, Music: Gordon Slater.
We walk by faith and not by sight (ST BOTOLPH) Words: Henry Alford, Music: Gordon Slater.
God of freedom, God of justice (TREDEGAR) Words: Shirley E Murray, Music: Guthrie Foote.
Lord Jesus, Sun of Righteousness (CORNHILL) Music: Harold Darke.
Communion Service – ‘Missa de Sancta Maria Magdalena’ Music: Healey Willan
Thanks to God (whose word was spoken) (KINGLEY VALE) Words: Reginald T Brooks, Music: Hugh P Allen.
A Song Of Praise (Glory to You, Lord God of our Fathers) Music: John Rutter
Have faith in God, my heart (REDEMPTOR) Words: Bryn Rees, Music John W Wilson.
There’s a spirit in the air (LAUDS) Words: Brian A Wren, Music: John W Wilson.
We are your people (WHITFIELD) Words: Brian A Wren, Music: John W Wilson.
How shall I sing (COE FEN) Words: John Mason, Music: Kenneth N Naylor.
Jesus, Thy boundless love (RYBURN) Words: Paul Gerhardt tr. John Wesley, Music: Norman Cocker.
God Of All Ages (GOD OF ALL GREATNESS) Words: Philip Coutts, Music: Peter Graham.
O Lord of every shining constellation (NORTHBROOK) Words: Albert F Bayly, Music: Reginald S Thatcher.
Nature with open volume stands (CANNOCK) Words: Isaac Watts, Music: Walter K Stanton.
Come down, O love divine (NORTH PETHERTON) Words: Bianco da Siena tr. Richard Frederick, Music: William H Harris.
How Bright these glorious spirits shine (SENNEN COVE) Words: Isaac Watts, alt. William Cameron; Music: William H Harris.
Lead kindly light (ALBERTA) Words: John H Newman, Music: William H Harris.
Make us Your prophets, Lord (NORTH PETHERTON) Words: Alan Gaunt, Music: William H Harris.


On 20 April 2017, we established a special agreement with Music Services on behalf of Vineyard Records (UK). The following titles were added to the worldwide store:

Over All the Earth Words & Music: Brenton Brown
Your Love Is Amazing (Hallelujah) Words & Music: Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen
Great Big God (Our God is a great big God) Words & Music: Jo Hemming, Nigel Hemming
Be the Centre (Jesus, be the centre) Words & Music: Michael Frye
Come, now is the time to worship Words & Music: Brian Doerksen


On 6 April 2017, we established an agreement with Music Services on behalf of Vineyard USA and Vineyard Canada. The following titles were added to the worldwide store:

The River Is Here Words & Music: Andy Park
I lift my eyes up Words & Music: Brian Doerksen
Sweet wind (There’s a wind a-blowin’) Words & Music: David Ruis
I love you forever (O Lord I love you forever) Words & Music: Bob Baker
Glory and honor (to God) Words & Music: Terry Butler
Glory (glory in the highest) Words & Music: Danny Daniels
Hold Me Lord Words & Music: Danny Daniels
Holiness Unto The Lord Words & Music: Danny Daniels
Wounded Soldier Words & Music: Danny Daniels
We will dance Words & Music: David Ruis
Lord I Love You Words & Music: Eddie Espinosa

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  1. Charles DeGeso II

    Hey Wayne hope all is well with you and your ministry.. with reformation Sunday I was hoping you’d have “God of Our Fathers” I’ll work on it and see if I can give it what is deserves.. the trumpets before each stanza this should wake some folks up in church… God Bless

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