About the MIDI Store (to Australia)

About the MIDI store on this website.

  1. We do not yet have a global agreement for the sale of many of these files.  We cannot predict when, if ever, that agreement will be made.  We will take every reasonable measure to make such an agreement, but the copyright owner has to be willing, and the terms of the agreement have to be affordable.
  2. This store is not a money making venture.  While we are charging 50c per MIDI file, that is mainly to cover the copyright royalty, PayPal fee, exchange rate and fee, and keep us safe so that over volumes in sales we won’t go broke.  We are copyright compliant, so you can use the files you buy here in your church with confidence.  This store is a service primarily to small churches who lack musicians.
  3. This MIDI store only exists so you can source these files legally and simply, and have the flexibility of MyMIDI Player for these songs.  In every case we will try to make these MIDI files compatible with all the features of MyMIDI Player.
  4. If there are any worship songs you want digitally but still can’t get, request them.  There are no guarantees that the work can be done, in a timely manner or at all, or that it will meet any given measure of quality.  In all cases we will do the best we can.
  5. These are not MIDI files gathered from the around the internet. For better or for worse, these MIDI files are only available here. If you see these same MIDI files elsewhere on the internet, please report them to us.

50% Bulk Discount

Great news!  If you have 40 or more items in your shopping cart, a mighty 50% discount applies, so each will cost you only AU$.25!  Our desire truly is to supply churches with quality worship music resources, not to make money!

Some people I want to acknowledge

  1. Clyde McLennan (Small Church Music) supplied a huge collection of Band-in-a-Box files for free, when he removed Copyright files from his website.  Many made their way into the free public domain library in MyMIDI Player, but others have formed the basis of some of the MIDI files in this shop.  Clyde formerly offered copyright songs on his website, but has terminated that service. Clyde’s copyright MP3 collection is now available through our store.
  2. Geoff Madden (Church Music – sixmaddens.org).  Geoff has also supplied many MIDI files for free, to be made available through this shop.  Like Clyde and myself, Geoff views his music files as a ministry for the Lord, and they are made available through this shop in that spirit.
  3. Dave and Debbie Moore (Worship-downloads.com).   While they have not supplied files for this shop directly, ours is a shared and cooperative journey. MyMIDI was born in cooperation with Dave and Debbie, and MyMIDI Player followed afterwards.  This shop is a natural extension of our shared desire to put the widest selection of the most used worship MIDI files legally in the hands of churches around the world, with quality and the flexibility that only MyMIDI and MyMIDI Player can provide.

File Upgrades

MIDI files in this shop may be upgraded at any time.  It is our intention to offer only 1 version of any particular song (occasionally 2), and any time we manage to produce or acquire a better version, it will replace the existing one.  Once you have bought a file, you may download it at any time.

Other Contributors

Anyone who has produced worship MIDI files themselves, and wishes to made them available at no cost for legal distribution through this shop, please contact us. You need to be willing for us to make adjustments, or to use your files as the basis of a finished work (if and when needed).  Only people whose attitude matches the generous attitudes of people described on this page need offer.  Please only offer MIDI files created by yourself.  We maintain sole determination of what songs and files will be made available through this store.

Just to be clear – you cannot use this store to create an income for yourself.  We pay copyright royalties through APRA/AMCOS to song writers, but we are not paying royalties to MIDI file creators.  We are only willing to work with MIDI file creators willing to donate their work as ministry for the Lord.