Update for First MyMIDI Player Users

to setup internal updating process

Update for First MyMIDI Player Users

The first release of MyMIDI Player was at the 31st Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia in October 2014.

Since that time an internal update process has been added to the product.  Those people who took home an installation CD from that Synod gathering need to apply the manual update described on the All Downloads page to all computers that the CD is installed on.

Once that manual update has been performed on an installed copy of MyMIDI Player, the update option on the configuration page can be used to acquire and apply updates.

CDs and installations distributed since the 2014 Qld Synod do not need the manual update, as they already contain the update feature on the configuration page.

Note: Any computer that cannot be connected to the internet will need all updates to be applied manually.

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