Version 1.1.8 Released

Small Church Music Files Redone

MyMIDI Player 1.1.8 Released

Version 1.1.8 is an unplanned release because a new level of quality was achieved with the Small Church Music sourced files released in v1.1.7.

After considerable research I finally worked out how to produce a significantly better quality outcome from Band-in-a-Box, and have therefore reworked all 246 MIDI files added in v1.1.7 (and added another 4).  This is the primary reason for the v1.1.8 release, and I strongly recommend it on that basis alone.

I also did a stack of work on the Microsoft Installer, learned a lot, and changed quite a bit.  It is recommended that you uninstall MyMIDI Player on your computer before running the v1.1.8 update/install.  If you are using a quality soundfont, take a copy of all the sf2 files in your documents\MyMIDIPlayer folder before uninstalling, and copy them back (if necessary) after the v1.1.8 update has been run.

If you discover there are multiple “MyMIDI Player” entries in the list when you go to uninstall, uninstall them all.  This occurrence is something that has been fixed in v1.1.8.

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