What Is MyMIDI

and what it is trying to achieve?

What is MyMIDI?

MyMIDI was really a dream born out of frustration. For years I’d made occasional use of digital music in church, and almost every time been disappointed either by the quality or the arrangement of the music I’ve been able to find.

MIDI files are a bit like sheet music in a file, and as such it is possible to manipulate those files intelligently.  What I wanted was to be able to choose what verses, choruses, etc were in the song, to suit my use.

At the very moment when I decided to write the software to do this, Dave & Debbie Moore (worship-downloads.com) were surveying their customers about their needs.  They wanted what I wanted, so I wrote it.

MyMIDI allows you to:

  • manipulate the number and order of verses, choruses, bridges, interludes in a song;
  • change the key and/or tempo of a song;
  • change the instruments and instrument levels for a song;
  • create a new MIDI files with all of your adjustments.

MyMIDI presently resides as a tool only on the worship-downloads.com website, and operates on Dave & Debbie’s very high quality collection of MIDI files. I (Wayne) have no affiliation with worship-downloads.com apart from that forged in the process of building MyMIDI.

The MyMIDI tools does not operate on MIDI files bought from this site, though there are hopes to create that functionality in the future.

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