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What’s in the Worldwide Stores?

We have three collections of worship music backing tracks:

  1. MIDI files of public domain tunes, which installs free with MyMIDI Player.
  2. MIDI files of copyright songs/tunes.
  3. MP3 files of copyright songs. This is Clyde McLennan’s collection, previously available from his Small Church Music websites.

Not all of our collection is available in the worldwide store.  APRA AMCOS licenses our whole collection for distribution within Australia and New Zealand only.  To distribute outside this territory, we need to be licensed by individual copyright owners and administrators. The following list shows the history of agreements we have been able to establish.

Commenced Name of Company or Person # Titles
21 December 2016 Hope Publishing 117
2 January 2017 Robin Mann 5
5 January 2017 John W Peterson Music Company 35
6 January 2017 CopyCare Pacific 67
12 January 2017 GIA Publications 34
18 January 2017 Willow Publishing 49
25 January 2017 Kevin Mayhew Ltd 72
29 January 2017 New Jerusalem Music 3
31 January 2017 Stream Mountain Music 4
3 February 2017 Crossroad Distributors 603
3 February 2017 Stainer & Bell Ltd 43
7 February 2017 Richard K Carlson 15
15 February 2017 Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) 18
9 February 2017 CopyCare Pacific for Song Solutions CopyCare (UK) 35
10 March 2017 Concordia Publishing House 18
20 March 2017 Josef Weinberger Ltd 17
25 March 2017 CopyCare Pacific for Music Services 92
6 April 2017 Music Services for Vineyard USA and Vineyard Canada 30


Our most sincere thanks to all of the companies and individuals who have trusted us with their license. We hope for a long and fruitful relationship with each one. We also hope we will regularly be adding more entries in our list.

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  1. davidaden

    thank you for taking the time to explain the midi file process. It’s not that difficult, but it’s very difficult finding any instructional videos such as the ones you have created.

    Great job and, again, thank you!

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