Build Your Hymn Book

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Notes about this page.

  • The object of this page is to allow you to create your own matching hymn books of sheet music, chord sheets and lyrics. The words and music match between them.
  • Check the hymns you want and uncheck those you want, then click SUBMIT. Download buttons will then appear at the top of the page.
  • The sheet music has all the lyrics between the staves so the musician can sing if they wish. All sheet music has chords for guitarists.
  • Regarding sheet music and chords: Each hymns is a maximum of 2 pages, and if you print back-to-back, they will always appear on facing pages to avoid page turning. The one exception is "O Holy Night" which was impossible to produce on 2 pages.
  • Lyrics appear in UK English at this time. A US version is planned, but I want all the errors found first.
  • The content/arrangements in all these books is all the work of Rev Wayne McHugh, leaning on many sources. You are free to use them, but you may not distribute them yourself, nor make any money from them.
  • Audio versions (Easter and Christmas have vocals) are on this page to assist in identifying the hymn. The audio files can be downloaded from this page. Again, you are free to use them as you wish, but you may not redistribute nor make money from them.
  • This facility is provided free, but if you insist on making a donation, see the link on the previous note.