Worship Downloads (dot com)

a great source of computer generated music

Worship Downloads (dot com)

As you browse this website you will quickly realise that worship-downloads.com gets a fair bit of press. I don’t apologise for that.

I was a customer of worship-downloads.com for years before I took up the MyMIDI project and formed a ministry relationship with Dave and Debbie.

The quality of the MIDI files distributed through worship-downloads.com surpasses all other worship MIDI file sources that I have found.  They offer their MIDI files at a very low price, because they are a ministry to the small churches of the world, however they do have production costs that this site does not have.

Their operation is completely legal, which is a big issue when sourcing audio-visual resources.

There are about 1,100 MIDI files in their collection, ranging from traditional hymns (organ and/or orchestra and/or band) to contemporary and even some children’s songs.

I commend worship-downloads.com as my #1 choice for worship MIDI files.

Footnote: worship-downloads.com also host my MyMIDI tool which allows you to customise their MIDI files to suit your requirements, so really I offer 3 reasons – quality, copyright and MyMIDI.

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  1. Charles DeGeso II

    My first stop and I am impressed by what you are doing for our Lord.. I’ve been a professional entertainer for more then 50 + years. I’ve been blessed even by Covid. I had a contracted gig with (3) follow headliners that had to be cancelled because of Covid. The party that booked the event contacted me to cancel then I was asked if I play Hymns. I chuckled to myself because it indicated to me the person hadn’t read my bio, which included two well known organizations that would clearly indicate I do in fact play hymns and gospel music. Long story short I played for their churches “Hymn Sing” and eventually became their Music Director and now I’ve been there going on 2 years.. the Lord knew how to get my attention because He needed me to help this church.. Beverly Hills Community Church, in Beverly Hills, Florida.. God Bless you all, and I’ll be back I have quite the job to do, we’re rebuilding a beautiful church seats 775 people.. thanks again, I’ll Be Back.. Bro. Charles