Worship Downloads (dot com)

a great source of computer generated music

Worship Downloads (dot com)

As you browse this website you will quickly realise that worship-downloads.com gets a fair bit of press. I don’t apologise for that.

I was a customer of worship-downloads.com for years before I took up the MyMIDI project and formed a ministry relationship with Dave and Debbie.

The quality of the MIDI files distributed through worship-downloads.com surpasses all other worship MIDI file sources that I have found.  They offer their MIDI files at a very low price, because they are a ministry to the small churches of the world, however they do have production costs that this site does not have.

Their operation is completely legal, which is a big issue when sourcing audio-visual resources.

There are about 1,100 MIDI files in their collection, ranging from traditional hymns (organ and/or orchestra and/or band) to contemporary and even some children’s songs.

I commend worship-downloads.com as my #1 choice for worship MIDI files.

Footnote: worship-downloads.com also host my MyMIDI tool which allows you to customise their MIDI files to suit your requirements, so really I offer 3 reasons – quality, copyright and MyMIDI.

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