MyMIDI Player Instruments Upgrade

MyMIDI Player users can now upgrade their instruments to get greatly improved instrument sounds.

After much planning with Alberto, owner of the company GoldMidiSf2, we are pleased to offer his professional quality soundfonts as an instrument upgrade for MyMIDI Player.

Please note this is not like all the “free” software out there with half the features turned off until you buy the “Pro” version. If I could find a better free soundfont, I would supply it to everyone for free. However this truly is the only way to get better instrument sounds in MyMIDI Player at this time.

I am very excited to share this opportunity to upgrade the instrument quality for users of MyMIDI Player. The bottom line is this – if you want to improve your music from MyMIDI Player, you now can.  The soundfonts below will dramatically improve the quality of your instrument sounds when playing MIDI files.

Prices in the table below are in Euros, as any purchases made here go direct to GoldMidiSf2 in Italy, not MyMIDI Worship Resources. You would choose either the first or second option, not both. In addition, I highly recommend the “Gold Guitars” soundfont, as it significantly improves both options.

The purchase links are near the bottom of this page.

If you would like to upgrade for better sound, but it seems too complicated, please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page, and I’ll help you through the process step by step. (Wayne)

Sound Font Description Price
Gold MyMIDI Player General MIDI This sound font covers all instruments. Alberto produced this Soundfont just for us, as a quality upgrade on a tight budget. It is a softer sound, suitable only if you’re playing through a sound system of some kind (as you should be). It produces very nice music. If your church is keen on a traditional organ sound, this is the soundfont for you. The church organ sound in this soundfont is superior even to the Mega Pro Studio soundfont, but not as good as Gold Organs. €29.90*Approx. US$33-35
Gold Mega Pro Studio General MIDI This sound font covers all instruments, and is the best General MIDI soundfont produced by GoldMidiSf2 at this time. It is noticeably better than the option above, and is exactly the same as the Mega Pro Studio GM/GS sound font available on Alberto’s website. This is offered here for those who want the best. The pianos, drums, strings, brass – they are all very nice. €56.90*Approx. US$63-66
Gold Guitars This is a consolidation of guitars – bass, acoustic and electric. This is an additional quality improvement regardless of your choice above, and I highly recommend this in addition to whatever you choose above. €4.90*Approx. US$5-6
Gold Organs If you and your church want the organ sound, this soundfont is for you. If the organ sound is your only sound of interest, this is the only soundfont you need to buy. €12.90*Approx. US$14-15
* Approximate USD prices based on currency conversion 28 January 2022.
Meet our new Italian partner, Alberto. The sound fonts being offered here have been created by Alberto and his team, and his hope is that they will bless churches around the world.

In Summary …

  • If you are on a tight budget but still want to upgrade your instruments, buy the Gold MyMIDI Player General MIDI sound font for €29.90 and the Gold Guitars sound font for €4.90.
  • If you want the best, buy the Gold Mega Pro Studio General MIDI sound font for €56.90 the Gold Guitars sound font for €4.90, and Gold Organs for €12.90.
  • The “Gold Guitars” upgrade is highly recommended, which is why I recommend it with either choice above. It is a clear improvement in all guitars.
  • The “Gold Organs” upgrade is a must if you want the organ sound. If you ONLY want organ then just buy this one. If you also want other instruments, buy this one plus consider the other ones above.
Buy Now€29.90Gold MyMIDI GM Soundfont (all instruments)
Buy Now€56.90Gold Mega Pro Studio GMGS Soundfont (all instruments)
Buy Now€4.90Gold Guitars (upgrade to all bass, acoustic and electric guitars)
Buy Now€12.90Gold Organs (upgrade to church/pipe organ + organ pedals, rock & percussive organs)
Don’t miss the videos below, demonstrating the available improvements and explaining everything.

Uncompressing your downloaded soundfonts

When you download your purchased soundfonts, they have a “rar” extension.  They are compressed and need to be uncompressed. The most common apps that can uncompress rar files are 7-Zip and Winzip. 7-Zip is completely free and I recommend it.

[this paragraph only if you have neither 7-Zip nor Winzip on your computer]
Click here for the 7-Zip page, and click the top option to download the 64 bit version.  It is slightly easier to use than the 32 bit version.  At the time of writing, the download file is called 7z2107-x64.exe.  Find it after you’ve downloaded, probably in your downloads folder, and double-click on it to start the installation. Do what is needed to complete the installation – it is very simple.  It is very handy to have 7-Zip on your computer.

When you have downloaded your new soundfonts (as RAR files), find them and right-click, hover over 7-Zip and click “Open Archive”.  Then click on the .sf2 file, and click “Extract” (near the top).  It will ask you where to put the extracted file – it should go in your documents/MyMIDIPlayer folder.  The sf2 (soundfont) file will now be in the correct place, ready to use.