Small Church Music (dot com)

a very large collection of computer generated worship music

Small Church Music (dot com)

Clyde McLennan has, for many years, produced worship music for small churches, and his collection is available from his websites and

Clyde was a Baptist Pastor for many years and has developed these websites since 2008.  He has a truly massive collection of songs, both public domain (older hymns) and newer songs.

Clyde’s express purpose is to bring you these songs for free.  Because of the complexities of copyright, Clyde has stopped supplying music with copyright, focusing instead on public domain music.

We are distributing Clyde’s copyright MP3 collection on this website under our license arrangements.  This is initially limited to Australia, but will be become progressively worldwide as we negotiate agreements with copyright holders and their administrators.

In Clyde’s collection are:

  • audio recordings
  • Band in a Box (biab) files
  • MIDI files

Even if simply because of the enormous size of the collection, you must keep and on your list of sites to check when looking for public domain worship music.

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