What is MyMIDI Player?

and why should we be interested in it?

What is MyMIDI Player?

MyMIDI Player is a Windows MIDI Player, designed and written by Wayne McHugh, specifically for the purpose of playing computer generated worship music in churches.

The one key feature that drove this development was the desire to flash a light with the beat of the music to help singers and musicians stay in time with the music; it is notoriously difficult to stay in time with computer generated music.

MyMIDI Player has the following key features at this time:

  • Plays MIDI and audio files, though it is designed primarily for MIDI files.
  • Contains a 10 channel graphic equaliser to adjust for sound loss in the computer or amplification system. Computers and PA systems are notorious for knocking out the treble end of the sound spectrum, which is what we hear most clearly.
  • Works from a playlist, which it remembers if you close the player.
  • Allows you to change tempo and key, as well as instruments and some of their settings (including selecting a different drum kit)
  • Remembers each song’s settings for next time you use that song.
  • Plays using sound fonts, which go a long way towards creating realistic music reproduction.