What Is Our Strategy?

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What Is Our Strategy?

The goal, as stated elsewhere, is to raise the bar for computer generated music in churches, primarily for for the benefit of smaller musically under-resourced churches.

But what does that mean?

We hope to achieve as much of the following as possible:

  1. find/provide ways to make computer generated music more flexible to suit the needs of the local church
  2. direct people to as much legal, quality worship music as possible, including our own.
  3. provide software for producing the best possible music during worship
    • make it as simple and effective to use as possible
    • make it as inexpensive as possible

More flexible: MyMIDI is already in operation on the worship-downloads.com site, specifically for this purpose. Other methods or tools may yet come to light.

Quality sources: This will be ongoing.  Our #1 recommendation for quality is worship-downloads.com.  We provide some MIDI files at the best standard we can manage, at the lowest price we can manage.  Warning: you can’t source copyright songs for free without breaking copyright law.

Our MIDI and MP3: We have some MIDI files and 3,700+ MP3 files on this site.  Under license from APRA AMCOS we can distribute these in Australia. As we are able to get agreements, we will roll out these sales worldwide. This involves contacting each copyright owner or administrator and reaching an agreement for royalties.  Our apology is the file you want isn’t yet available to your country.

Software player: This is MyMIDI Player.  This runs on Windows (XP onwards). It is designed to work to best advantage for churches, and includes a inbuilt searchable library of songs, a 10 band graphic equaliser, ability to change key, tempo and instruments*.

Song selection: This is the furthest dream right now. There are some websites that help with song selection, but they do not address computer generated music. Nevertheless this is a big undertaking, and other priorities are coming first.

All of this is to achieve the best worship music for churches without musicians, many of which are small in numbers and budget.  If that is you, this may be just what you’ve been looking for.

* Many features of MyMIDI Player apply only to MIDI files, not MP3 files or other audio recordings.

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  1. Richard Lapiers

    Love the music downloads that are available to users,

    most paid downloads are usually $9.95 a song!

    Your blessing users at $.50 a Song!

    PTL! what a blessing and thankyou for offering such a deal!

    God bless and have a Annointed blessed day!