MyMIDI Player

A Music Player built just for churches

This is the home of MyMIDI Player, the music player built just for playing backing music in churches.

MyMIDI Player was written by Rev Wayne McHugh, the person behind MyMIDI Worship Resources. It was written specifically to meet the needs of small churches that lack musicians.

MyMIDI Player is free.

If you decide to use MyMIDI Player, we would love it if you would use the “Contact Us” page on this website to tell us who you are and how to email you, where you are and in what church you will use this software.
We want to keep you informed about new developments as they are released.

MyMIDI Player Download and Installation Instructions

Download the standard MyMIDI Player installation/upgrade from the following address:
(Version 4.04. Released 24 Feb 2022.  Download size: 322.9M.)

For the download, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “DOWNLOAD MYMIDI PLAYER FROM HERE” link above.
  2. Save the dowload to your download folder (or similar).
  3. The file you just downloaded is called mymidiplayer_404.msi.  Find and run (double click) the file.  Click “Next” for all options, and click “Yes” when asked by Windows to give permission. This will install or upgrade MyMIDI Player. You will likely receive a Windows warning, because the installation is not digitally signed. Click “more information” and tell it to run anyway.
  4. Done.

Note: This download is both an installation package (for new users) and an upgrade package (for existing users).  As always, a backup should be made of any existing installation before upgrading. To do this, backup the “documents/MyMIDI Player” folder.

Soundfont Upgrade

The instrument sounds for playing MIDI files are not actually part of the player.  The sounds are supplied in files called “soundfonts”.  MyMIDI Player comes with the best quality free soundfonts we could find.

But there is only so much quality that can be provided for free.  Those who dedicate themselves to the business of producing the best possible products deserve to be paid.

We have sought out the best sound fonts we can find, agreed on prices, and even produced a couple of soundfonts just for MyMIDI Player.  After you’ve downloaded and installed MyMIDI Player, read about the professional quality upgrades that are available.

Soundfont Decompressor


Soundfont files (.sf2 extension) are usually quite large and they don’t compress very well with the more common zip compression.  A special compressor was written years ago by the owners of called sfArk which does more effective compression on soundfont files.

MelodyMachine is no more, but their compressor/decompressor lives on.  If you download a soundfont and it has an extension of sfark, use this utility to uncompress it back to sf2.

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