“Hymn Sets” Project

The plan is to create a consistent collection of well known public domain hymns, including, for each song:

  • Lyrics, in case you want to work with hand-outs
  • Music score, in case you have one or more musicians
  • A matching backing track, to lead the song if you have no (or not enough) musicians
  • A matching backing track with matching vocals

These resources are not made quickly or easily. There are many, many hours that go into each song. Each singer records alone, and each vocal track is edited so it fits the music, resulting in a performance that is on-key and nicely aligned – perfect for a group to sing along. Plus I had to invest about 1,500AUD in equipment and software in order to create the vocal tracks to this standard.


If you are blessed financially and see it as a good thing, I would greatly appreciate donations towards this project. But only if your financial positions allows it.With or without a donation, I pray that these resources will be a blessing somewhere in your ministry reach.

Voluntary Donation

Amount $ AUD

It was COVID-19 restrictions that started this idea, fueled also by my frustration at the limited amount of sheet music available for guitarists for the wonderful old hymns.

It quickly grew into this idea: build a collection of consistent resources for the old hymns – lyrics book, sheet music with chords, backing track and backing track with vocals, so they could be used in any way.

Instrumentation is a higher quality than most of what you will find elsewhere on this website. I’m employing newer methods and loving the results.

The backing tracks in this collection are done primarily with piano, guitar, drums and sometimes strings.  I do not produce digital organ music.  Digital music needs to help you keep together, and especially the drums in these mixes help to do that.

In the near future, I plan to integrate these new MP3 files into MyMIDI Player, so they install automatically, ready to use.  But I have some more work to do before that will be ready.  In the meantime I want you to get these files ahead of your need for this Christmas.

The download link below will provide you a zip file containing:

  • A lyrics PDF file for all the songs we currently hope to include;
  • A score PDF file for all the songs we currently hope to include;
  • A book of chord sheets for guitarists, for this whole collection *** NEW in v1.5 ***
  • MP3 Backing Tracks for 13 well known Christmas Carols (in a “mp3_backing” folder)
  • MP3 Backing tracks with vocals for those same 13 Christmas carols (in a “mp3_vocals” folder)

DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.5, 15 Sep 2021)

The page that appears will tell you that it can’t be previewed. Choose the download option.

If you find these music resources helpful, please let me know through the contact us facility on this website.

In v1.5 there have been lots of minor corrections, mainly to fix lyrics differences between files.  Feel free to download again, and overwrite what you previously downloaded.  If you find any mistakes, please report them through this site’s “contact us” page on the main menu.