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Recent News

In September 2023 an issue occurred on this website where the home page was replaced by a list of posts, the menu was corrupted, and various other settings were lost. After nearly 3 weeks of frantic searching, I believe that is resolved. The exact cause remains unclear, but the website was not hacked – no data was stolen or lost.

I believe the problem has been overcome, though only time will tell. I sincerely apologise for inconvenience caused during this time.

As a result of this experience, I have undertaken extensive work to lock down the security of the website, and I have carefully upgraded some of the user related processes. These are:

Password strength

New user passwords need to have at least “medium” strength. This includes during the registration, “lost password”, profile editing pages.

Location of Login/Logout/Profile
The login/register options when you are logged out

User related options have moved up to the right end of the menu, aligning with most common practice these days. When not logged in, Login/Register will appear here. When logged in, the user icon and dropdown with profile, purchase history and logout will appear here.

Profile/Purchase history/logout options when you are logged in

I am also now paying for the pro version of the leading security software. If you encounter any difficulty using the website, please use the “Contact Us” page to let me know the problem. We have to secure the site against those who would do it harm, but apart from stronger passwords, you shouldn’t notice the difference.

The Online Store

I have run a very significant upgrade to the online store, where you buy backing tracks, though hopefully you will see very little change. I have more work yet to do in that part of the website. If you have any difficulty using the store, please get in touch.

Ongoing Changes

I have more improvements to make to the website, but I will endeavour to keep it stable, with minimal inconvenience for people visiting the website.

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus,
Rev Wayne