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Get more out of MyMIDI Player

MyMIDI Player is made to make church music flexible.  It allows you to vary the tempo, the key, the instrumentation, and for many songs in its library, the number of verses as well.

The beauty of MIDI is it allows this sort of flexibility.  The burden of MIDI is that is will only sound as good as the instrument sets available.

MyMIDI Player is 100% free, including 276 MIDI files of public domain hymns.  It installs with the highest quality free “sound fonts” available – and that is good, but not great.

In 2021 we searched the world for the best pro standard MIDI sound fonts, and found them in Italy, with Alberto’s “GoldMidiSf2” sound fonts.  They cost money, but not a great deal. And once you have them, you have them for good!

It’s all explained on this page.  If you use MyMIDI Player and you haven’t yet upgraded your sound fonts, it is worth thinking about.

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