Something Different: Doodly

An opportunity for churches

Something different: Doodly

Up until now, I’ve kept to software that I have created. That is the safe thing to do. But I’ve been shaken out of that safe place by a Windows/Mac software app called Doodly.  This is a long post, but hopefully it contains what you would want to know.

The purpose of Doodly is to allow you to create animated drawing videos (see example below), a style of video recognised as being a great attention grabber.  Why has Doodly caught my attention?

  1. Doodly is discounted – a huge discount!  Previously, Doodly cost several hundred US$ per year.  Now it is on a one-time lifetime purchase price of US$67 for the Standard version, and US$164 for the Enterprise version.  While it lasts, if Doodly works, this is a tremendous opportunity for churches to acquire some nifty software at an affordable price.
  2. Doodly works! I will admit it has its moments, but in general Doodly works.  It offers whiteboard, blackboard, glassboard (my favourite) and green screen (for the technically advanced). It has a built-in library of line-art drawing images (people, animals, objects, scenes), and the Enterprise version has loads of them.
  3. It really is easy to use, as they claim.
  4. You can import your own images, and even share them with others.  This last point is where the opportunity really arises.

If you’ve been around MyMIDI Worship Resources for a while, I hope you realise that I am about spotting opportunities to help, and then helping as much as I can. Well, I’m trying to do that with Doodly, and this is how:

Doodly is secular marketing software. Even the built-in Christmas images are all Santa, reindeer, trees, decorations, etc. But we can import our own images and define their draw paths, and share these with others.  It would take someone with some technical ability and the drive to help, to step up and make it happen. I’m up for it!

At present I’ve created 210 line-art Doodly images, ready to share.  I have more sitting there waiting for be imported and prepared.  My goal is to create a very large, broad range of images that will effectively turn Doodly into a Christian product for those who want it that way.

Imagine – a quality, novel, video producing program suited specially for churches, and at a price churches can afford!  I’ve never heard of such a thing – until now.

Click here to find out more and buy Doodly (if you wish)


Created using Doodly and our nativity images

How does all of this hang together?

In order to do this, MyMIDI Worship Resources has become an affiliate promoter of the Doodly software.  I have been given a link to the discount purchase process, and anyone who buys through that link earns commission for MyMIDI Worship Resources.  It costs just the same discounted price, but some of the sale $ get passed on to us.  See below for what we will do with that money.

When you make the purchase, I get notified of your purchase (by name, but no contact details).  I then need you to make contact with me so that I can share our image collection with your Doodly account.  It is that simple.  As the image collection grows, you will get updated with all my additions.  Eventually I hope Doodly will have a more efficient sharing mechanism added, but for now I have to share with you image by image, but at least it can be done.

What does MyMIDI Worship Resources do with our commission?

This is a really fair question, because we claim to not be about making money.  MyMIDI Worship Resources is a not-for-profit company in Australia.  We give grants to assist with church missional activity in the geographic area where we live, which is Central Queensland. None of the money that comes to us goes to any person by way of pay or reward.  It pays the bills, and it contributes to grants. This will simply increase our ability to give grants towards these missional activities.

About the Doodly Purchase Process

Doodly is created and marketed by a pretty high powered internet marketing guru.  You may find his sales technique a bit jarring.  So here is my advice to people like myself in navigating the purchase process:

  1. Look to understand what is being said, and ignore how it is being said.  It is absolutely a genuine offer, which I and many others within the user group can attest.
  2. If you follow my link to the purchase process, it will take you to a long page with lots of details and lots of purchase links.  All the purchase links are the same.
  3. If you purchase, they will first offer you Doodly for US$67. This is for the Standard version.  The Standard version has a limited number of images (a few hundred) and a licence for personal use.  Many churches will get by with this, with my images added.  I wouldn’t be happy with it because I figure you’ll always need more than you’ve got, but the Standard version is an option.
  4. After you “purchase” Doodly for US$67 they will then offer you a series of optional up-sells.  This is a marketing technique that grates on many people, but don’t stress.  In all likelihood the only up-sell of interest is the Enterprise version, which they will offer you for an addition US$97.  This means the Enterprise version costs US$164.  It has thousands of images and a commercial licence. The the $ this is incredible value, and the reason Doodly caught my attention.  This plus Christian images added for free = something really unique.
  5. There is an up-sell offered called “Doodly masterclass” or similar.  This is a series of videos teaching advanced techniques, created by one of the Doodly users. You can always contact Doodly support and buy it later, but for most of us this is going to be the only other up-sell of interest.  But if you’re in business, listen to the others in case they interest you.

A Couple of Other important things to know about Doodly

  1. Doodly runs on Windows computers and Apple Mac computers.  It doesn’t run on mobile devices.
  2. Doodly is a cloud based app, so it will not run without an active internet connection. This means images and projects are not stored on your computer.  That is not so good because you can’t do your own backups.  It is great because everywhere you go, your projects and images will be the same.  And you can install Doodly on multiple computers.
  3. Doodly is still under development, so new features are being added as we speak, and there are loads of new features in the pipeline.
  4. Almost all of the Images in our collection come from artist Ian Coate.  As of 17 January 2019, Ian and Sue Coate are partners in this effort to make Doodly really useful for churches. You can check out some of Ian’s work at Free Christian Illustrations.

Please do feel free to contact me through this website if you want to ask any questions about Doodly.  And if you do buy Doodly please make sure you contact me so I can share my Christian Doodly images with you.

Click here to find out more and buy Doodly (if you wish)

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