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Worship resources especially for small churches
We're committed to providing the best we can for the lowest possible price - free when possible


Huge collection of worship backing tracks

We have backing tracks of many popular public domain hymns, mostly MIDI files.
We have many MIDI and MP3 files of copyright backing tracks, all properly licensed.


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What are we doing?

Many churches rely on computer generated music for some or all of their music. This project, focusing on MIDI files, seeks to provide the means for the best possible legal computer generated worship music, as easily as possible, for the lowest price possible. We give away what we produce unless it involves copyright.

MyMIDI Player

MyMIDI Player (Windows only) is written specifically for churches. With a set of features suited for churches, have a look – you might be surprised. We have plans to make it even better, so get on board. And it’s free – no gimmicks – including 250 MIDI files of public domain hymns.

Recent Downtime

We believe the recent issues with our website have been resolved.

We are taking the opportunity to make some improvements to the website, and these will continue through the remainder of 2023.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we worked to resolve the problem.


Did you know that attempts to compromise every website happen all day every day? It is crazy!

A scare in September 2023, which resulted in a week of downtime and countless hours of stressful searching, raises the necessity of increased security.

We will soon be enforcing more complex passwords. As a result you may be required to change your password, and it will have to be a “strong” enough password to pass the complexity test.

There will be other ongoing changes. If the website misbehaves for you, please do try to let us know so we can deal with it.

Our goal is to glorify God through this website, and help you express that in worship through the resources we offer. Security is a burden we cannot avoid – it is part of the cost of being active on the internet.

God’s blessing to you, wherever you might be – Rev Wayne.