What are we doing?

Many churches rely on computer generated music for some or all of their music. This project, focusing on MIDI files, seeks to provide the means for the best possible legal computer generated worship music, as easily as possible, for the lowest price possible. We give away what we produce unless it involves copyright.

MyMIDI Player

MyMIDI Player (Windows only) is written specifically for churches. With a set of features suited for churches, have a look – you might be surprised. We have plans to make it even better, so get on board. And it’s free – no gimmicks – including 250 MIDI files of public domain hymns.

MyMIDI - doing it your way!

The first problem with computer generated music is that it is inflexible – you get what you get. No more! MyMIDI allows you to restructure the song the way you want it. MyMIDI Player lets you adjust the sound to the way you want it.