MyMIDI Worship Resources

Worship resources especially for small churches
We're committed to providing the best we can for the lowest possible price - free when possible


Huge collection of worship backing tracks

We have backing tracks of many popular public domain hymns, mostly MIDI files.
We have many MIDI and MP3 files of copyright backing tracks, all properly licensed.


Home of MyMIDI Player

MyMIDI Player is primarily as the name suggests - software that plays MIDI files. However it also plays other music files (eg mp3, m4a).
It has a large internal library of songs and provides the means to customise the music in lots of ways.
It installs with 260 public domain MIDI files, ready to use.
MyMIDI Player is software developed specifically for churches by Rev Wayne McHugh, creator and keeper of MyMIDI Worship Resources.
MyMIDI Player only runs on Windows.

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What are we doing?

Many churches rely on computer generated music for some or all of their music. This project, focusing on MIDI files, seeks to provide the means for the best possible legal computer generated worship music, as easily as possible, for the lowest price possible. We give away what we produce unless it involves copyright.

MyMIDI Player

MyMIDI Player (Windows only) is written specifically for churches. With a set of features suited for churches, have a look – you might be surprised. We have plans to make it even better, so get on board. And it’s free – no gimmicks – including 250 MIDI files of public domain hymns.

Hymn/Song suggestions

For those churches following the Revised Common  Lectionary, we now have a page offering suggestions for each Sunday. Contact us if you’d like to join the collaboration team.