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Around the Table (You gathered ’round)

Song by Mark A Connor. 3 x verse/chorus. Gentle arrangement rises with strings for the last verse/chorus.

Come To The Banquet

Song by Fay White. 8 verses (edit in MyMIDI Player). Piano and guitar accompaniment with a bit of rock organ in the background.

Feed Us Now (Bread of Life)

Words and Music Robin B Mann (Kraehe). © 1976 Robin B Mann. 3 verses. Reflective strings and guitar behind a piano lead.

I Am the Bread of Life

Words and Music Suzanne Toolan (Bread Of Life). 5 x Verse Chorus. Uplifting accompaniment with piano, organ, strings, bass & drums, melody is french horn.

Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ

Words Frederik Herman Kaan, Music Doreen Potter. Jamaican folk melody, so has lots of drums and movement.

One Bread, One Body

Words & Music: John B Foley. Pianos, strings and gentle rhythm.

This store is temporarily closed. When it reopens there will be significant changes.

Because the copyright collection agency in Australia can only license distribution within Australia, restrictions will be imposed on this website limiting sales of music (MIDI and mp3) files to Australia only.

For Australian customers, this MIDI store will be restored as soon as a new business model can be established. This is not required because of inappropriate actions on this site, but because of theoretical risks associated with trading copyright materials, which was deemed unacceptable on the previous business model.