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Christian Worship MIDI files

Christian Worship MIDI files: the main reason we’re here.

The primary purpose of the MyMIDI initiative is quality and flexibility for digital Christian worship music. MyMIDI Player combined with the MIDI files we offer from this site, is the best and most flexible music we can provide.

You can use the site search facility to search for title or composer.

Because copyright collection agencies can only license distribution within their territory, we can offer more songs/tunes to Australia and New Zealand. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, access the collection here.

We have been working hard to obtain licences from copyright owners or their administrators, for global distribution. For those outside Australia and New Zealand, access the available MIDI file collection here.

Clyde's Small Church Music copyright MP3 Collection

Clyde McLennan developed his digital worship music collection over many years, and made this available on his Small Church Music website. He built an enormous collection which he made available very generously.

Clyde has withdrawn from the distribution of copyright material, but his copyright MP3 collection is offered here under our copyright distribution licences.

The same availability applies to Clyde’s MP3 files and our MIDI files. MP3 files are only available outside of Australia and New Zealand if we have been able to secure a worldwide distribution licence.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, you can access the whole collection here.

If you are elsewhere in the world, you can access the globally licensed collection here.